Here are our stories


4-westiesMy name is Sophie and my story is much different from Duffy's.  I was born in a puppy mill and spent much of my short life in a home where I was severely abused.  God watched over me, though.  In June, 2007, when I was 14 months old, I was found out in the country where I had been abandoned for almost two weeks.  Mom and Dad rescued me from the County Animal Control Shelter and brought me to my forever home.  I learned to love and be loved for the first time in my life.  Here I am with my new friends, Tazzy, Duffy and Lahdi.   (I am the Westie on the right).  This is a sad photo for me, as within a few months, both Tazzy (on the left) and Duffy (next to Tazzy) had gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

I learned not to be afraid of things like sticks and new people. I learned to love travelling, too, even if Mom did make me wear this silly Halloween costume. Together with Mom, Dad and Duffy, I travelled through many states, sitting right next to Dad as he drove the motorhome and looking out the front and side windows. When I got tired or bored, I just put my head on his shoulder and went to sleep. I made many new friends and learned the world was a wonderful and exciting place - not scary at all. I saw the Great Lakes, the Smokey Mountains and all kinds of things.

When Duffy left for the Rainbow Bridge, Mom and Dad knew how lonely I was and brought home Piper who became my best friend. 

sophie-specialtyI learned to love going to dog shows with Piper and, at the Westie Specialty Show in May of 2008, I was part of the Westie Rescue Parade.  I felt so special because everyone was looking at me.  From being afraid of people, I had learned to love attention and could not wait to meet my next new "best" friends....

Unfortunately, my head injuries were too severe, my seizures became very frequent despite all the medicine Mom  gave me, and I left for the Rainbow Bridge a few weeks later on May 15, 2008 in Mom and Dad's arms, knowing I had been unconditionally loved, if even just for a few months. 


bubblesMy formal name is Briarcliff Dancing Bubbles In The Air, but everyone calls me Bubbles.  And I do bubble and dance, too.  When my breeder heard about Mom and Dad losing Sophie, she immediately contacted Mom about me and within a week, I joined Piper at Mom and Dad's.  

I love travelling and playing with Piper and my toys, especially my hedge hog.  I spend a lot of time at the windows at home watching squirrels, blowing leaves and, during the winter, falling snowflakes. 

For my first Christmas, Mom and Dad gave me a great new toy - it was called a Christmas tree.  When they put the ex-pen around it, I discovered I could jump across it from the couch or chair.  Once I found the ornament I wanted, I just jumped back with it and was a very happy little Westie!!!

Sometimes, I show along with Piper and we win medals. That's me on the left and Piper on the right.  This was at a motorhome rally and we were wearing our official Westie kilts.  It may have rained the entire weekend, but I sure love being the center of attention at rallies!!  Everyone says I am such a cute, friendly little girl and I love each person I meet.



SaraMy formal name is Orion's Moonstruck, but I come (usually) to Sara.   Mom and Dad brought me to Michigan all the way from Long Island, NY.

sara-mocassin Mom tells me that I will soon start my training for the show ring, but for now I am enjoying life with all of my new "toys".








Sara at 6 months

                                                                                                                                  Mom says that I am lookin' good and ready to go.




We're off to the shows so Mom gave me my own page.  Please see me on Sara's page.