Lake Huron Lighthouses 




Christian Island Lighthouse


Built:  1859

Viewing:  For the Christian Island ferry dock, follow Hwy. 93 north to the downtown area of Penetanguishene to Robert St.  Turn left on Robert St. and go about 1.2 miles to LaFontaine Rd.  Turn right on LaFontaine Rd. and go about 2.6 miles to a 3-way stop.  Turn left (continuing on LaFontaine Rd.) and go about 4 miles (passing through the Village of LaFontaine) to Cedar Point Rd.  Turn right on Cedar Point Rd. and go about 1.7 miles to Tiny Con 18 Rd.  Turn left on Tiny Con 18 Rd. and go approximately 0.8 miles to where Hwy. 26 turns north.  (The route is marked with a sign to the ferry.)  Turn right and go about 2.9 miles to the entrance road to the ferry.  Turn left and follow the signs about 0.4 miles down a  hill to the ferry dock.