Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and St. Clair River and Detroit River Lighthouses



Erie Land Lighthouse, Presque Isle Lighthouse and Presque Isle North Pier Light


Built:  1867

Viewing:  From the I-90/I-79 interchange, go north on I-79 for about 5.5 miles to its end on West 12th St. in Erie.  To see the Presque Isle lights, turn left on 12th St. and go about 1.1 miles to Peninsula Dr. (P-832).  Turn right on Peninsula Dr. for about 1.3 miles to Presque Isle State Park.  Enter the park for the 14 mile long, one-way loop road around the peninsula.  To see the North Pier Light, go about 5.1 miles to the intersection with Coast Guard Rd.  Turn right on Coast Guard Rd. and go about 0.8 miles to the Coast Guard Station.  As you approach the gate, look for a gravel road  on the left.  Turn on that road and follow it to the pier parking area.  To see the Presque Isle Lighthouse, return to the Park Loop road and turn right.  Go about 2.0 miles and look for the lighthouse on the left.  It is a private residence, but you can park along the road to photograph it from outside the surrounding fence. 

To see the Erie Land Lighthouse, return to West 12 St.  Turn right on 12th St. and go about 4.6 miles to East Ave.  Turn left on East Ave. and go about 0.5 miles to Lake Rd. East (Alt. P-5).  Turn right on Lake Rd. and go about 0.3 miles to Lighthouse St.  Turn left on Lighthouse St. and go about 0.3 miles to its end.

GPS:  42.14384, -80.-622