Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and St. Clair River and Detroit River Lighthouses 



Buffalo Bottle Light, Old Buffalo Main Lighthouse, South Buffalo Light and Horseshoe Reef Light ruins


Built:  1903, 1833, 1903 and 1856

Viewing:  From NY-5 (the Skyway) in downtown Buffalo, take the Furhmann Blvd. exit (also marked as the exit to the U.S. Coast Guard Station) and follow the signs to the Coast Guard Station.  Park outside the fence and walk to the river.  From here, you can also view the Horseshoe Reef Light ruins.  To see the South Buffalo Light, follow Furhmann Blvd. approximately 1.2 miles south to Tift St. and look for the light on a pier to your right.

GPS:  42.8778, -78.88952